Westminster Business
Council Awards

On 19 October 2023 Westminster Business Council will be hosting its very own business
awards. The evening will celebrate the best of business, business leaders and business
initiatives across our wonderful city

Businesses of all sizes and in all sectors work so hard to provide quality for their customers and to create environments for their people to thrive.

Let's not forget also that businesses contribute so much to sustain local communities and drive economic growth across Wesminster, London and beyond. This is an occasion to celebrate all of that hard work.

WBC will deliver an awards ceremony with a difference. Not just a celebration of those shortlisted, but an immervise event that allows all attendees to connect, network and create a pipeline of business leads for the future.

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Award Categories

Business Newcomer of the year

Have you started a business in the last three years? Have you landed clients and seen growth that has outdone your expectations? We want to celebrate all those businesses that have developed through and in a post pandemic era. Your perseverance is contributing to the resurgence of the local and business community.

Westminster Built Environment Excellence Awards

Westminster continues to welcome new construction projects that add to the value of our great city, be that private projects or construction that delivers new infrastructure such as affordable homes.

In the last three years, has your business built a new structure that demonstrates a good working partnership between the client and the supply chain?

Have you received praise from your customer and other stakeholders?

Can you demonstrate your ESG credentials have been delivered on with this development?

Has your building used some of the latest in technologies to overcome key challenges.

Diversity & Inclusion Business Champions

Modern businesses need to reflect the diverse nature of their customers and society as a whole. This awards recognises businesses that have implemented successful programmes to make their workplaces more representative and inclusive.

ESG Business Champion of the Year

The term ESG encompasses so many important business practices, from good governance to social value, environmental impacts and sustainability goals. The ESG Champion awards will go to the business that can best demonstrate a commitment to all parts of the ESG agenda in equal strength.

CSR Engagement Awards

At the core of what Westminster Business Council was set up to achieve was to ensure strong businesses were able to support local communities. We know how much so many businesses do to give back to the local community through charity partnerships, volunteer days and so much more.

If your business has these core values too, don’t be shy, put in for the CSR engagement awards.

The Sustainability Awards

Businesses are realising that building sustainable practices into their work is both important for the planet and expected by their customers.

What have you done to to create a sustainable business?

The winner of this awards will be able to demonstrate a clear mission to embed sustainable practices, make changes to their operations and tell their customers and supply chains about their mission too.

Sustainable Business Innovation in Construction Awards

This category is open to all businesses that can demonstrate investment in or creation of a product or techniques in build that have helped the UK drive to net zero and a more sustainable future.

Leader of the Year

The ability to motivate, inspire and create positive change is something that many set out to achieve but few do well. This awards is built to find the person that has been able to prosper and drive fellow team member's personal and professional development

Fellow team members to grow too.

Employer of the Year

A business is only as good as the people that work for it. You will often find that the strongest and most successful businesses have put people at the core of their strategy for growth. This awards distinguishes the employer who goes above and beyond and builds a strong sense of community in the workplace.

Innovative use of Technology Awards

The pace of technological change is not slowing and for many businesses, success and growth can be put down to creating or embedding new technology into their systems. Has your company created a new piece of hardware or software which aids company growth or supports customer success? If so, this awards is for you.

The London Revival Awards

The global pandemic was some of the toughest times for us all and London suffered as the streets were empty, restaurants were closed, and office blocks sat unoccupied.

The London Revival Awards celebrates those individuals, businesses and organisations that created new initiatives to get people back into Central London.

Are you a retailer or hospitality company that created an experiential opportunity?

Did your business think of an innovative way to get employees back together in-person?

Your hard work and dedication to the business community must be recognised.

Growth Business of the Year Awards

Has your business exceeded your growth expectations over the last 12 months? Has your business achieved a substantial increase in sales, headcount, profitability, market share or geographical expansion over the last year?

If so, we want to celebrate your hard work and contribution to the local and national economy.

Hospitality Business of the Year

It is no secret that the last few years have been tough for business, especially the hospitality trade. We want to recognise a business that has not only survived, but gone onto thrive. Has your hospitality business driven more customers through the front door, released new offerings or even opened new sites? Judges will be looking for a rise in footfall, repeat business data.

*Awards registration will close on Friday 25 August.

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